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With you for the long term

Nurse case manager

Your primary point of contact, every step of the way

Once you enroll, your Nurse Case Manager will be your go-to person at AKCEA CONNECT. Assigned based on where you live, your Nurse Case Manager is already familiar with local healthcare providers, hospitals, and community resources and is equipped to work with your healthcare team to create personalized support just for you.

Here are just some of the ways AKCEA CONNECT can help:

Disease education

Provide tools and information to help you learn about your disease and build the confidence you need to manage it daily.

Treatment education

Offer one-on-one support and resources to help you own your treatment plan and advocate for what you need.

Routine building

Help you and your healthcare provider build lab monitoring and injections into your life.

Injection training

Reinforce the proper injection technique so you feel confident injecting on your own. Home visits and video chats are also available.

Peer mentors

Connect you with people and groups in the rare disease community to help build your network and realize you’re not in this alone.

Lab testing

Provide lab testing education and help answer questions about your treatment and monitoring plan.

Questions? Talk to a Nurse Case Manager at

1-866-AKCEATX (1-866-252-3289)


More members of your support team

While your Nurse Case Manager is your primary contact, these specialists also play an important role in assisting you and your healthcare team.

Akcea Reimbursement Specialist

These clinical nurses specialize in the reimbursement process and help to resolve coverage and other access-related issues you may experience.


These healthcare providers perform blood draws according to your healthcare provider’s orders in a lab, your home, or wherever is most convenient.

Specialty Pharmacy Provider

Specialty pharmacy providers fill prescriptions much like your local pharmacy. For added convenience, your prescription is mailed to your home.

Call usQuestions? Call 1-866-AKCEATX (1-866-252-3289)