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Financial assistance

We’ll help you explore options for funding your treatment

AKCEA CONNECT is committed to helping you get access to the coverage you need to begin treatment. Your support team, including your Nurse Case Manager and Akcea Reimbursement Specialist, will help with reimbursement issues and, if necessary, explore financial assistance options.

Commercial insurance

We can work directly with your insurance company and will help you understand your benefits.

Government insurance

If you have Medicare or Medicaid, we’ll help you navigate access to treatment with these programs.

No (or limited) insurance

If you don’t have insurance or have only minimal coverage, we’ll help you explore financial assistance options.

You may be eligible for financial assistance to help cover the cost of treatment. Talk to your Nurse Case Manager for more information.

Talk to a Nurse Case Manager or Akcea Reimbursement Specialist at

1-866-AKCEATX (1-866-252-3289)

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